What I refer to as the PsychoSpiritualCreative Perspective (PSCP) is the foundation of my life and present in all areas of  work. Why are the Psychological, Spiritual and Creative aspects of us so important? Because they are 3 essential legs of the same stool.  One holds up a deeper awareness of our own psychology which evolves into the second, a stronger Spiritual foundation.  These two together create a the third making inner creative visions outwardly realizable. It looks like magic except that overnight success is rarely ‘overnight’! As Robin Sharma said “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”

It was my personal journey  that formed this PSC Perspective and deeply integrated these 3 aspects within.  It is how I work with individuals in looking at their lives as an unfolding “Works of Art.” Personally this is how that process unfolded..…..


I was curious about what motivated us  human beings  to do the things we did AND to not do other things at a very early age!  After a vast amount of reading, workshops and discovery on my own, I began to academically study the field of Psychology. While the focus in this field at that time was more on  neurosis, past traumas and defenses, which was incredibly useful and still is, there was something in addition to this emphasis that was calling me, there from the beginning in an affinity with Jung, Maslow and Humanism. The areas of Psychology I loved were focusing on spirituality, self actualization and compassion. I knew there was something in each of us that was powerful, resilient and creative and that ‘something’ was an essential resource in working with psychological challenges. I discovered that often my own psychic roadblocks were a symptom of not being congruent with myself, with what I felt, needed and wanted on a deeper, more authentic level. That ‘something’ felt spiritual in nature.


I’d spent a lot of time traveling in Greece before and during my college years and had the fortunate opportunity in 2007 to return to teach a semester abroad. Not only did I love the country and its rich culture but  it reflected what I’d known intuitively, that Psychology and Spirituality were historically considered one in the same. Originating  in Ancient Greece, the field of Psychology literally meant the study (‘ology’) of the Soul (‘psyche’). The soul being that that part of us that is innate, creative, and encoded with unique expression and essence. Well known psychologist and theologian James Hillman said about the soul in his Acorn Theory that “Each life is formed by its unique image, an image that is the essence of that life and calls it to a destiny.” It is through the soul or the spiritual essence of us that we are informed and given direction by something larger than ourselves, our Spiritual source. I felt this even as a child  in my connection to both nature and poetry.

By 2004 I had firmly married within me the two fields I loved, Psychology and Spirituality,  through completing my undergraduate and master’s in Psychology and my Doctorate in Spirituality.


Each one of us has our own innate creativity, a way we express ourselves like no one else can. It’s how each of our vulnerabilities, strengths, passions, pains, imperfections and areas of brilliance reveals a ray of Spirit that can’t be repeated. How each soul is encoded to create is precious. This is why when we are in the creative process, we often experience a complete disappearance of time.  In Bali they call this  “Taksu”, which means when an artist dissolves into his or her art form, the Gods intercede and the art transforms both the artist and the audience. Being a poet and a singer-songwriter, the creative process has always been in my bones. It’s how I have transformed grief and written myself into new insights. As a performer I have experienced that disappearance and transparency to such a  degree that afterwards I had little recollection of the experience. There was no outside perspective of what had occurred, as though something came through leaving only a sense of grace.

The PschoSpiritualCreative Perspective

PSC  is a perspective from the inside-out. It is an evolution of change on the inside that slowly (and sometimes instantly) unfolds into more authenticity, connection, compassion, integration, Universal support, creative expression & “Taksu”. There are many books written on goal-setting from the position of controlling our minds, our circumstances, our environments.  I’ve taught workshops, myself, on Manifesting Miracles. What I know  is that intentions are powerful and what I believe on the inside, whether conscious or not, will always win out if it’s not congruent with my spoken or written desires. This has more to do with alignment than control.

The PsychoSpiritualCreative Perspective looks at life as a “mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved”(Kierkegaard). To an artist, the blank canvass is not a problem but more of an opportunity to create and that is true of our lives as well. What we feel is in our way holds the wisdom of knowing our next step in self knowledge and evolution. As Mark Nepo says, “Often what is IN our way IS the way.” What holds us back AND what empowers us is a dance between our psychology, spirituality and creativity. It helps to look at the collaboration more closely.

The PsychoSpiritualCreative perspective (PSCP)  is the foundation of my work because it’s not what I do, but who I am. And that’s true of each of us. We have far more range within ourselves than we know. One of the benefits of the coaching process is illuminating  the authenticity of those different and essential  parts of us that are more powerful when working together.

So, “what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” That is a question I hope we all continue to live into with curiosity, humility, faith and close listening.


I am an artist.
Life is my canvas
Love is my brush.
It is my journey and purpose
To paint boldly and honestly.
To follow my passion
And act with grace
Towards the knowingness
Of my own soul.
To create beauty all around me.
Beauty in my home
Beauty in my relationships
Beauty in my work.

To paint with the entire
Palette of being
From the tender shades
Of sadness
To the playful hues of joy.

I am an artist.
So are you.
How do you create?

—Zan E. Nix (An Ocean of Fierce Loving: Poems on Love & Transformation)