The institution of higher education, at it’s core, begs the often unanswered challenge of the student to question, evolve and grow in ways that transcend mere academia. Nix is a rare lighthouse to the wandering student, a facilitator of that very premise; a tribute to education and inspiration to those who seek more.

Educational, inspiring, fun, intriguing, honest, encouraging…..a class with Zan encompasses everything one can hope a class will be.

As a facilitator Zan has a rare skill set of intuition, intellect and humor.

Zan Nix has been instrumental in supporting the work of our teams here at La Clinica through her ability to facilitate them in taking a pause to recognize each other’s strengths and focusing on attitude of gratitude.

The hallmark of Zan’s life and work continues to be an abiding awareness of the sacred in every individual and in their potential to engage in the work of transformation.

I sought a business adviser who operates beyond the traditional coaching playbook. I found that and much more in Zan. Every conversation is alchemical. She leads in ways that reveal strength and joy, softness and power. As a result, my experience of working with my clients-and what I have to offer them-is blossoming.

I believe we are surrounded by many enlightened people-and I believe Zan is one of them. I’ve known her for 20 years…funny, how you don’t see people until it’s time, till something opens, till, ok, your (my) heart opens…and that’s what a sage does. She reaches out and touches that G-spot in the heart, G for good, for glory, for go ahead and let it happen…love.

Not only did she receive a standing ovation, she proved to everyone that, if you are authentic, follow your bliss, and create an evening that is about love you can change people, move them to tears, make them laugh and ultimately heal yourself and your audience through the power of a song.

Singing with Zan Nix was a wonderful experience. I loved working with her because she was such a kind woman and had a loving heart. The song was well written and had a lovely quality to it. I hope the audience liked it.

It is a difficult task to define ‘spirituality’, but what I left with was Zan’s belief in people. She was filled with love, humility, and sassiness. As a stage manager, I appreciated her confidence in me and her surrender to those that were supporting her.

Zan joined my choir rehearsals-with 15 young singers, ages 4 to10-to teach them parts on “Let’s Talk About Love” and “At the Same Time”. She brought a great energy and joy for music to my group. The girls instantly connected with her and benefitted from hearing her professional singing voice. Zan’s love of music and children shined at each rehearsal.

What impressed me the most is Zan’s ability to share her essence through song and storytelling. You could feel her willingness to be open and honest and share what is important to her. There was a joy felt and shared of our humanness. I feel very blessed to be a part of that concert and have a greater sense that Love is what we share.

It felt like her song writing was a way for me to more fully experience my life’s occurrences, process the highs and lows, and then share the blessings of her path to intimacy, and her own soul, with all concerned. I came away feeling that I had been in the presence of an angel, whose calling was to live fully, and inspire others to do the same.

We both marvel at Zan’s courage and capabilities to perform in front of so many people, and to entertain with grace, bravado, and love. Zan exudes great depth, compassion, wisdom and love through music.