A Meditation on Empathy

I knew that if I didn’t heed the call, winter would be arriving soon and I’d miss my yearly visit. Quiet time in a cozy cabin sitting at the edge of the lake at Rocky Point is one of my most favorite weekend retreats. I simply adore reading, writing and being still by water and also reflecting on all the precious times  in the last 25 years I’ve shared here with loved ones. If you asked people that know me, most would say I am an extrovert but those closer in would answer differently. They’d say I have extroverted energy because I’ve had introverted time.  Periods of solitude create consistent inspiration and genuine generosity. That’s how it’s worked in my life.

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15 Summers: Living in the Moment with a Vision

Tonight, having dinner with a friend in the oldest restaurant in London, Rules, built in 1798, I am reminded why I have been coming to this beautiful city for 30 years. I adore musical theatre, art museums and history and I find an abundance of all three easily accessible here with the Underground and my two enthusiastic feet!

Surrounded by the past and enjoying friendship in the present, my conversation with Ashok landed on a discussion he’d had the week before with an English chap he’d known for years. His friend had just celebrated his 60th birthday and sat down with himself to calculate, based on statistical information, that he had approximately 15 summers left!  This was the non-working time he had looked forward to and planned for every year of his adult life. Now, it seemed to him there were fewer going forward.

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