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The Path of Least Resistance: A Reflection on Life as Art

Being a writer, words can be as transcendent as silence. And certain books I’ve read at certain times, the most profound teachers. Sitting on this balcony of Casa Rumi overlooking Sayulita Bay, what has become one of my happiest places to be, (more on this later), I reflect on important books over the years that […]

A Meditation on Empathy

I knew that if I didn’t heed the call, winter would be arriving soon and I’d miss my yearly visit. Quiet time in a cozy cabin sitting at the edge of the lake at Rocky Point is one of my most favorite weekend retreats. I simply adore reading, writing and being still by water and […]

15 Summers: Living in the Moment with a Vision

Tonight, having dinner with a friend in the oldest restaurant in London, Rules, built in 1798, I am reminded why I have been coming to this beautiful city for 30 years. I adore musical theatre, art museums and history and I find an abundance of all three easily accessible here with the Underground and my […]

Reflections on Belonging

Years ago I read a quote that only people that are already married can get married. I’ve suspected that would be me one day adding to the familiarity of the story I heard tonight. As they sat together in their hot non-air-conditioned apartment in San Francisco and I on my breezy terrace overlooking the ocean […]

On Mexico Time

When I don’t have to do anything, what do I do? I don’t mean for an hour or a day. I mean for months, 3 months to be exact. Most of us can’t or would never ask that question. I’ve been a perfect example! Each week I wrote my intentions on seven sheets of copier […]

Acceptance is not for the Weak of Heart

It takes courage to speak and live from one’s integrity and to listen openheartedly to someone else’s integrity. It’s vulnerable. One who comes mainly from narcissism, a false persona and worthiness seeking patterns, will find that kind of vulnerability impossible to access. The neuro pathways aren’t there. True empathy comes from self compassion and there needs […]