zanformalI am a skilled facilitator working  in business, academic and retreat environments and for many years trained diversity workshops for the US West Direct Corporation (now Dex Media).   This 3-day workshop was taught with internationally known diversity trainer, Jane Elliot for over 500 employees in 14 states.

Zan E. Nix Consulting was established in 2008, working  with companies on team building, organizational change, communication, valuing diversity, increasing creativity, emotional intelligence and executive coaching .

I work with businesses and non-profit organizations on customized training, off-site retreats and individual coaching.

Academically I have been an adjunct teacher of psychology at Southern Oregon University since 2000 and taught at the Athens Centre in Athens, Greece in 2007.

Zan Nix has been instrumental in supporting the work of our teams here at La Clinica through her ability to facilitate them in taking a pause to recognize each other’s strengths and focusing on attitude of gratitude.

Traci FossenRN, BSN Clinical Director, La Clinica

The hallmark of Zan’s life and work continues to be an abiding awareness of the sacred in every individual and in their potential to engage in the work of transformation.

Marty MarquezDiversity Consultant and co-facilitator